Used Car Valuation Tools The Used Car Valuations is profitable for both the buyer and the seller and the valuation is based on the model of the car, brand, mileage, current condition of the car etc… After the valuation process the price can be listed in three formats top price, best price and the fair price. The top price includes the cars that are in the perfect condition, the next level is the best price and the fair price comes for the low quality cars. There are many websites available online where you can perform the valuation for the used cars for free. They also provide some tips for selling and buying the used cars. All these websites are for the cars that are in the good condition and if your car has some damages then you have to rectify it in order to fit in the top and the best price category. You can have the negotiations based on the range after considering the factors you can make the changes in the lagging field. You have to submit all the documents including the repair receipts. Most of the people will go for the reliable cars rather than the trend. The accident will lower the value of the car so it is necessary to seek the help of the good mechanic to solve the damages before selling. It is important to maintain the original look of the car to increase the value of the car. You can also use an automobile expert for the car valuation process.